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April,16. Forever not yours enters Norwegian chart at number 1!. Magne Furuholmen wrote for the new album following songs: "Lifelines", "You wanted more"(together with Harket), Forever not yours"(together with Harket and Olsen), "Oranges on Appletrees" (together with Harket), "Turn the lights down" (together with Harket), "White canvas", "Dragonfly" and "Solace". "Cannot hide" was written by Harket and Olsen. The rest - by Paul Waaktaar-Savoy.

April, 12
Forever not yours hits Gold in Norway and enters German singles chart at number 18. Tomorrow a-ha will perform at Top of the Pops (RTL, 17-45 cet)

ifelines will be the second single! - 03.04.2002
The second single from the "Lifelines' will be the title track which was written by Magne Furuholmen and Morten Harket.

Forever not yours tracklisting - 20.03.2002
'Forever Not Yours' single (two tracks)
1. Forever Not Yours
2. Differences (Original Demo) - 2:47 (from the Nobel Award show, non-album track)
'Forever Not Yours' maxi-single (four tracks)
1. Forever Not Yours - 4:06
2. Differences (Original Demo) - 2:47 (from the Nobel Award show, non-album track)
3. Hunting High And Low (Live In Oslo) - 7:07
4. Manhattan Skyline (Live In Oslo) - 6:14

Broken arm - 15.03.2002
a-ha`s Magne Furuholmen broke his wrist yesterday, while snowboarding. "I thought I was 20, not 40", the musician joked, after going a bit too wildly on his board. Furuholmen has plenty of time to get the wrist healed before a-ha`s Ullevaal-concert 8th of June, which is also the start of their world tour.

"Forever not yours" is on the radio -

Forever Not Yours' is the first single from the forthcoming album ‘Lifelines’. The lyrics were written by Morten Harket and Ole Sverre Olsen and the music were written by Magne Furuholmen and Morten Harket. The single was produced by Martin Landquist (aka Naid) and Stephen Hague. It was recorded at Lydlab Studios in Oslo and at Strongroom in London. It was mixed by Michael Brauer at Quad Recording Studios in New York. Forever not yours premiered at Jumpradio and Radio Hamburg

New a-ha album "Lifelines will be released on April, 29th -

he new a-ha-album called "Lifelines" will be released on April 29th! The first single from that album will be "Forever not yours" (release date is April, 2nd).

Nobel Peace Prize concert 2001 -

The 100th year anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize was celebrated tonight with a grand concert at Oslo Spektrum. UN’s head secretary Kofi Annan, this year's prize winner, was the most prominent guest, but many former prize winners were also present. Other prominent guests were members from the Norwegian royal family and top artists from all over the world - including a-ha, Anastacia, Paul McCartney, Natalie Imbruglia, Kodo and many others. A-ha performed two songs: new song "Differences" written by magne Furuholmen and "Hunting high and low".
"I must admit I was nervous,” Magne says. “It is always a great challenge to perform a song which is based on such a naked and vulnerable expression as “Difference” is. However, when we performed the song, we focused on what the song really was about, and tried not to concentrate on the importance of the event.”

Magne talks about new a-ha album -

Magne Furuholmen
Magne gave an interview to Dagbladet talking about new details on next a-ha album. A-ha are working in two studios in London, two studios in Oslo, one studio in New York and one studio in Malmo, Sweden in order to get their new album finished for a spring release.
"The recording of this album blows all budgets straight to hell" says a merry Magne Furuholmen to Dagbladet. Already next spring, a-ha will release the follow-up to the successfull "Minor Earth, Major Sky". The guys in a-ha are currently making songs each on their own. "This fall we`ve experienced a flourishing of ideas" Furuholmen says.
The group was not satisfied with the German production of "Minor Earth, Major Sky". Now they`re going for a bunch of new producers.

will perform two songs at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert on December 11 -

One of the songs will be 'Differences', which is a new song and was written by Magne Furuholmen that will be performed for the first time. The other song is ‘Hunting High and Low’, which will be accompanied by NRK’s Radio Orchestra. New song will not be released in new album or as a single. Differences “This isn’t really a song, Magne says, it’s more like a shout for help - well, not really a shout, more like a croak.” The song was written after Magne watched a documentary from Afghanistan about the women’s situation under the Taliban regime. The film is called ‘Beneath the Veil’, made by Saira Shah, a British journalist whose father came from Afghanistan. She travelled to Afghanistan and hid in a veil in order to blend in among the other women and make the film. The film contained horrible scenes of human despair, but also women who defied strict injunctions in order to give young girls an education.

A-ha will perform at Nobel Peace Prize Concert -

On December 11, the annual Nobel Peace Prize concert will take place at Oslo Spektrum. A-ha has confirmed that they will perform. Other announced artists include Paul McCartney, Natalie Imbruglia, Wyclef Jean, Youssou N'Dour and opera singer Russell Watson.

Magne's birthday
1st of November - Magne's 39th birthday. Our warmest wishes and congratulations!

Magne talks to Dagsavisen
- 15.09.2001

Magne Furuholmen Dagsavisen has an interview with Magne.According to Magne, the Waaktaar-Savoy family is sitting in their Manhattan apartment with gasmasks ready and two weeks supply of food... Magne has let Morten sing a different version of "Dragonfly". A-ha now have 15 songs to choose from for the next album, and they are considering to include "Dragonfly" on the album (thanks to J. Sekse for translation).
Maxisingle "Dragonfly" consists 9 tracks. You can order it fron Akermic site. You can download "Dragonfly" - radio-edition - from a-ha official site (click here).

Magne receives good reviews for "Dragonfly" - 14.09.2001

Yesterday night the film 'Dragonfly' (Oyenstikker) had a press preview in Oslo. Today’s newspapers bring very positive reviews on the film; both on the film itself - and on the sound track. More information: at

Magne's new maxy-single to release - 10.09.2001

10.09.2001. Magne’s new maxi-single/EP will be serviced radio from 13th of September. An enhanced CD single, including a video directed by Marius Holst will be released 17th of September. The release coincides with the premiere of the feature film “Dragonfly” where Magne and Kjetil Bjerkestrand have composed the film music. On the title-track “Dragonfly” Magne makes his debut as a solo artist! The video was shot on the location of the film itself, which is an hour outside Stockholm.Magne claims his vocal has about the same sense of direction as a dragonfly. - Working with a great vocalist like Morten gives you a certain fear of heights, but I think the unsteadiness of my voice is sympathetic to the fragile atmosphere of the movie. It was the first and only take of the song, intended as a guide vocal really. And it was recorded at seven in the morning, but it had a strange quality to it that has survived all the way to the record. More: at

12.08.2001.A-ha took part in rock festival in Skanderborg, Denmark. The atmosphere was electric when a-ha rounded up Friday’s concert marathon at the beech grove in Skanderborg. It was a-ha's last concert of Minor Earth, Major sky tour. Their next album will be out next spring.

Magne, Marius and Marie Bonnevie12.07.2001. Magne Furuholmen will release the single as the soloartist this autumn - soundtrack for "Dragonfly". Furuholmen explains that the music is minimalistic and that it isn`t intended to reach a wide audience. The exception is perhaps the last song which is played during the end credits. Furuholmen himself sings on that one, and he won`t exclude the possibility that he will go a bit solo if it becomes a success. - The song is a demo where I sing, and that we felt had a very special sound, maybe so special that we will do something more like it. We`ll see."

29.06.2001. The fourth edition of the annual Norwegian film festival 'FilmQuart' will take place in Kristiansand from July 3-7. Many movies will see their premiere or special showings at the town's movie theaters. Among them are Harald Zwart's dark comedy 'One Night at McCool's', which features a-ha on its soundtrack, as well as 'Oyenstikkere' ('Dragonfly'), a new Marius Holst movie, for which Magne Furuholmen and Kjetil Bjerkestrand have written the music.

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