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Kjetil Bjekerstrand
Freddie Wadling

Read about this singer who connected with a-ha and Timbersound

Anneli Drecker


Timbersound was formed in 1994 by Magne Furuholmen, who is also known as keyboarder of a-ha and his norwegian friend Kjetil Bjerkestrand. Swedish singer Freddie Wadling became a band member since 1997 ( since "Hotel Oslo" recordings)
Timbersound released three albums so far:

  1. "Ti kniver i hjertet", 1994
  2. "Hotel Oslo", 1997
  3. "Hermetic", 1998
  4. "Dragonfly", 2001

All of them are soundtracks for the norwegian movies. Timbersound received some awards for their music works.


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