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Kjetil Bjekerstrand
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Read about this singer who connected with a-ha and Timbersound

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Magne and KjetilKjetil Bjerkestrand is very well known norwegian arranger and musician. Perhaps he is the most active person in the combined categories of musician, composer, and producer seen in connection with MIDI-related products. He has made music for a number of Norwegian films. Bjerkestrand was a member of Timbersound since the begining.

Also he was co-producer of "Shapes that go together"-single and "Minor Earth, Major sky" album by
a-ha. Listen to early version of "Minor Earth Major sky" single, produced by K.Bjerkestrand.

Kjetil is a musical partner of Morten Harket
For example, tracks 1-10 and 12th of Morten's solo album "Wild seed" was arranged by Kjetil Bjerkestrand. Also Kjetil performed on several instruments in this album.
To listen tracks arranged by K.Bjerkestrand:
"Los Angeles"(M.Harket/H.Rem): click here
"Brodsky tune"(M.Harket/J.Brodsky): click here
"Girl" (M.Harket/H.Rem): click here
"Lay me down tonight" (M.Harket/H.Rem): click here
and "Heaven is not for saints"- single: click here
Kjetil Bjerkestrand worked with Arve Tellefsen, Torstein Flakne, Anne Grete Preus and Dance with Stranger

Other albums by Kjetil Bjerkestrand:
Kjetil Bjerkestrand/Tore Brunborg "Gull, rokelse og myrra", 1995
Kjetil Bjerkestrand/Tore Brunborg "Prima Luna", 1997
(duo of sax and organ)

Also Kjetil Bjerkestrand took part in recordings of following albums:
1. Kari Rueslatten "Spindelsin"
2. Ian Hunter "The artful Dodger"
3. Bjorn Eidsvg "Dansere i natten"

Soundtracks by Kjetil:
"Solan, Ludvig og Gurin med Reverompa", 1998
(Norwegian animated cartoon)
Director: John M. Jacobsen, Nille Tystad
Music: Kjetil Bjerkestrand
Producer: John M. Jacobsen
Gurin is a gnome who lives far away from all human beings, high up in the mountains. His greatest enjoyment is playing tricks on other people, but basically he is a decent and friendly creature. Despite many warnings, he continues to misbehave. Of course, the punishment follows: after pinching all his grandmothers pancakes, he suddenly wakes up with a splendid foxtail. News of this gets around and the human beings hear of it, too. Widow Stengenf?hn-Gnad, a prudish and proper lady, dreams of owning the most beautiful foxtail in town. So she recruits detective Solan to help her. She wants him to capture Gurin. But instead, Solan decides to help the gnome. Together with his friend, he jumps onto a motorbike and races off. They must reach Gurin before the widow does. This is the start of an exciting, amusing and imaginative chase.
Director John M. Jacobsen is one of Norways most important film producers. He has produced a total of ten feature films to date, including Pathfinder, which was nominated for an Oscar, and in 1997 the lavishly produced animated film Hunting for the Kidney Stone, which was an extraordinary success at t
he box office. Gurin with the Foxtail is his debut as a feature film director.


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