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coverHotel Oslo - Soundtrack for the miniseries
Performers on this album:

Timbersound is:
Piano, Vocals, Cello, Guitar & Nordlead
Piano, Harmonium, Arp, Wave, Orbit, E-IV & EDB

guest musicians
Freddie WADLING: Vocals
Anneli M. Drecker:
Vocals on "We'll Never Speak Again"
other engaged musicians
Eivind AARSET: Guitars
Atle SPONBERG: Violin
Jonny SJO: Bass
Bjorg V?RNES: Cello
Hennige BATNES: Viola

Room 01 Con Sordino [1:06] Room 02 In The Hands Of Fools [4:33]
Room 03 City View [1:22] Room 04 A Room For Thought [3:25]
Room 05 Withchi Tai To The Sharp Canopies Of Your Broken Heart [4:07]
Room 06 Corridor [2:04]
Room 07 We'll Never Speak Again City View II [6:50]
Room 08 I Remember You [2:17]
Room 09 Half Remembering, Half Trying To Forget [4:33]
Room 10 Shaft Man [2:03]
Room 11 White Doors, A Door And A Window [1:08]
Room 12 The City Breathes A Stinking Rhythm [3:16]
Room 13 Freddie's Hymn: Ismael Sea Of Blood [3:09]
Room 14 The Postcard You Never Sent: Greetings From Hotel Oslo [3:29]

Total Running Time: 43:45
Released in 1997 on Norsk Platerproduksjon.

Norsk Plateproduksjon / BMG, 1997

Luscious melodies from an old boarding house . . . Hotel Oslo is far from an ordinary hotel. It is more like as an old boarding house that moves amoung six individual stories, that can be viewed on NRK during four Sunday evenings this winter. If the TV series has been described as unusually good, the music that accompanies the production is even better! Kjetil Bjerkestrand and Magne Furuholmen have created superb film music before, e.g. 'Cross My Heart' (1994), but they surpass completely everything they have done before here - whether it be together or with others - whatever! They have engaged Freddie Wadling (Bottle Quartet) and Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto) - two singular and superb singers. Especially the first-mentioned has left his stamp on this album! 'Hotel Oslo' has its own life also outside of the TV arena, and functions excellently as an independent product in this respect. The music is alluring and convincing through and through, with a good sound and lively arrangements. The duet with Anneli and Freddie on track 4 (that is designated as "Room 4," out of a total of 14): 'A Room for Thought,' contains everything (and more) a modern hit should have, and can single-handedly sell both the TV series and the album to the world market. 'Hotel Oslo' is an album that reeks of both inner and outer qualities, and it can fast become a big favorite with zealous record-buyers. The Norwegian musical year of 1997 has in any case gotten an explosive start, thanks to Bjerkestrand and Furuholmen!
5 stars out of 6
Paul Nordal, Panorama Musikk January 1997
Translation by Ingerid White




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