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Freddie Wadling

Read about this singer who connected with a-ha and Timbersound

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Magne and Freddie WadlingFreddie Wadling is the most interesting and respected swedish singer. He took part in recording of Hotel Oslo (1997) and Hermetic (1998) as lead vocalist.

Freddie Wadling is called as the most fantastic singer in Swedish history.Freddie has a large register and has worked with many people, who have influenced him. His duet with , Cecilia Nordlund, formerly singer with the now-defunct band Souls. The record label describes the meeting as mixing Bjork and Tom Waits, and they're not far wrong.Her concentrated emotion is perfectly balanced by Wadling's icy narrative in a wonderful number.

FREDDIE WADLING Has Been Part Of The Following:

Liket Lever
Blue For Two
Flesk Kvartetten / Flesh Quartet
The Mobile Whorehouse Leder Nunnan / Lether Nun.

Freddie's soloworks

Something Wicked This Way Comes , 1989
Picnic On a Frozen River, 1991 (12"LP)
The Dice Man, 1991
A Soft Hearted Killer Collection, 1997

are one of those groups that defy precise description and ignore musical categories. Using, for the most part, an electronic instrumental style, allied with the unique vocals of Freddie Wadling, they are both exciting and curious. Blue for Two have been around for over a decade now. Although they've had plenty of sales success in that time, they're still interesting because they aim for innovation rather than the charts. This is a musical laboratory where the results can be explosive!

Members: Freddie Wadling, Henryk Lipp, Charlie Storm.
Formed: 1985
Label: sw/EDEN
Publisher: zik zak musik

Blue for Two - 1986
Songs from a pale and bitter moon - 1988
Search & Enjoy - 1992
Earbound - 1994
Moments - 1997
Bookings: Motor


What's Your Pleasure?,1988
Goodbye Sweden, 1990
Featuring Freddie Wadling med Västerås symfoni 1:a, 1992
Flow, 1993
Fire Fire, 1996
Jag ger vad som helst för lite solsken, 1998
and a lots of singles


Spinal Injuries, 1981
You Can't Kill the Boogeyman, 1986
Live at Urania, 1990


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