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Anneli Drecker


Magne and AnneliAnneli Drecker is a lead singer of norwegian band "Bel Canto". Anneli appeared on the soundtrack of the norwegian tv soap "Hotel Oslo" by Kjetil Bjerkestrand and Magne Furuholmen. She performed a duet with Freddie Wadling called "We'll never speak again". Drecker did a catwalk for the German fashion designer John Ribbe in Paris. Anneli didn't thought about a professional career but she might do it again when it turns out well. Recentely she released her solowork - album called "Tundra". Also she took part in a-ha's "Minor Earth, Major sky" tour in 2000.

Bel Canto is

Anneli Drecker - voice, lyrics
Nils Johansen - programming, violin, keyboards, and more
Torbjorn Brundtland - keyboards, percussions, programming
Andreas Eriksen - percussions

In Norway, where Bel Canto come from they were voted as "Norway's best band": they got the 'Spellemannprisen' the highest norwegian music award. They play intelligent pop with influences from all over the world. This band were particularly loved by the fans for the uncompareable voice of leadsinger Anneli Drecker.
Bel Canto's history is filled with success, but is also suitable as cold water to freeze the veins of Norwegians with a popstar-dream in their belly. At least if one expects success comparable to that of a-ha. The albums have each sold steadily between 100 000 and 120000 copies worldwide, but the reviewer-created expectations of million-sales have not yet come true.

Bel Canto discography
White-Out Conditions , 1987
Birds Of Passage ,1990
Shimmering, Warm & Bright , 1992
Magic Box , 1996
Rush , 1998:
listen to the tracks from this album
"Here, in shadow"

Anneli Drecker, the Voice of Bel Canto

DreckerThe girl grew up in a land as strange and otherworldly as a dreamscape, wondrous cold, with nights that seem to last forever, and where the sun shines at midnight. In the strange land of sub-arctic Norway, only the gift of music kept young Anneli Drecker happy. Indeed, music proved vital, and opened the door to her life as a woman seeking new creative and geographical horizons.
As the voice of Bel Canto, she weaves melodies of crystalline beauty into a musical tapestry composed of exhilerating techno-dance textures as well as mystical ballads, delicately shimmering and warmly comforting. Anneli was invited to join Bel Canto as a young teenager, earning the respect of keyboardist Nils Johansen first with her amazing voice, and later with her lyrical and musical contributions. Strange that the frozen climes of Norway should be home to a singer who might be compared to Iceland's Bjork. Is it the similarity of cultures steeped in fairietales and legends that produces vocalists so enchantingly original? Anneli displays her musical and emotional range to wonderful effect on Bel Canto's CD Magic Box, adding acoustic and medieval instruments into the familiar blend of electronic keyboards.


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